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52 year old male in Stockton, CA

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Hello World,

If any one had told me that someday I would read and relate to “The Scarlet Letter”, the book by Nathaniel Hawthorne. I would have thought they had taken leave of their senses! Smile it seems that I say Murder and People don’t even give me a chance. They don’t know or care that I feel responsible, remorseful, regretful and shame that no one could condemn me more then self! Or that during my Journey I’ve opened my heart to God, that I’ve studied and prayed to God, in almost every religion. They see murder and don’t care to get to know the man I’ve become, the man I am! All they see is “a man in a cage" would they be surprised that this 51 year old gangsta (and don’t you dare laugh!) still calls his mother “mommy”! Or that I have a hard time trying to stop the flow of clear before it changes to that tint of ripe cherry red! The blood drop tears of the depressed, or that I love to read and write, poems and songs (though I can’t sing a lick!) that I also like to draw and work out 5 days a week to stay fit and strong!

Or that I think french vanilla, caramel, peach, mocha, cherry, strawberry and almond amaretto with rosy cheeks, soft long silky hair, a juicy body and a beautiful smile is desired yet is only icing on a delicious cake! That heart, intelligence, the ability to use common sense, independence, a wicked wit and sense of humor is truly sexy! That I think, you can learn a lot from a dummy. Buckle up! Should be a banner across the sky and forefront in our mind; in life not just when we drive, do they know or even care that I’m 6-4, 235 pounds, light brown complexion “sexy ugly” with a big bald head brown eyes, standing erect and tall across the board! Or that I contemplated blasting a big scarlet M across my broad chest would they come then to gawk at the Man in a cage or give me an opportunity to explain? If this ad touches just one real woman and I make a real friend then I’m grateful that at least one person believes I’m more than a scarlet letter M, thank you for your time God Bless and take care.

With Respect,


Blood or Water by Travell Holmes

Is blood truly thicker than water?!
for years, I thought this to be true -
now that l ‘m older and wiser and have more life experience -
I do not agree- if not for water I would have died of thirst long ago - your family/blood is quick to say, "I love you" -
it's like anything less would be uncivilized-
like it's automatic, systematic -
forgive me, forgive me not - I forgive you but I'll never forget?!
then what have you forgiven when my transgression is always fore-
front in your mind?!
you don't forgive if you can't forget -
I love my Blood/Family -
But truth be told years of life experience has shown me that it's
not necessarily that Blood is thicker than Water. Your Family are
the people that Love, Care for and about you, that Support you, and I'm not talking about financially, I'm speaking on the little things, the small things that mean so much, that are there for you, someone to talk to when you're down and out, someone who doesn't play God, and judge you and never forgive you your wrongs or transgressions, and or hold it against you, Forever?! I've done bad things in my life, I've confessed my sins and I've prayed to GOD for absolution, and I try to be a better person and
man, I try not to hurt or harm not only those I love but anyone!!!
I try every day to share the Love and my love for Jehovah, to walk the
walk and not just talk the talk, when I speak it's the truth as I know it,
if I tell you I love you it's because I do!!! not because anything less would be uncivilized, my love is not just a word I say, it's an action, it's a force, it's my heart, it's my all, ALL OF ME!!! 100%
Blood or Water
Is blood truly thicker than water?!
yes, it is as far as matters and or elements,
But no it isn't as far as Family and People go, as when my back was against the wall and I was down and out, I would have died of thirst if not for a tall clean refreshing glass of water!!!
This is dedicated to all the loving and caring people that I've met and who have showed me so much love and support, thank you all for opening your lives and your hearts to me "a man in a cage" for opening my eyes and helping me open my heart to love and to trust again!!! THANK YOU ALL. ..
Blood or Water
In my opinion the only difference is blood is red and water is clear
without color, just as it should be with love and matters of the heart ...

With love & respect,
Mr. Travell "Paycheck" Holmes

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Travell Holmes
Name: Travell Holmes
Sex: Male
DOB: 1965-09-02
Ethnicity: African-American/Black
Height: 6 ft 4 in.
Weight: 235
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Brown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
People I'm Willing to Write: Female / Straight
On Death Row: No
Crime for which incarcerated:
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Release Date: None/Life Sentence

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Travell Holmes #F90680
PO Box 32080
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