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53 year old male in Edgefield, SC

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(I am the person in the pink tank top in the photo)
I am a convict not a con man. I was charged with 6 counts and found guilty on 4 of them. I had a high profile case. Thanks to my ex-girlfriend I was charged with multiple counts of murder, in the end I was found guilty of only perjury and all other charges dropped. I have never told on anybody to get out of anything. Since I did not rat, did not cooperate, turned down all plea deals and was my own lawyer at trial, I received the maximum of time. I have never been charged with any kind of sex or drug offense. I lived on a 14 acre horse farm, on a lake in North Carolina. I have worked two jobs most of my life. I worked a full time job, warehouse manager and owned a small business. I am a 100% country boy, not a red neck. I only believe in one race, the human race. I do not judge by looks, age, race or size. I only see the inside person you are. at one time I was into body building. I do not smoke, drink or do drugs. No tattoos. I try to live a healthy life. I do like to work out and walk 10 miles a week. I am an outdoors person and love the water, lake or ocean. I do not hunt and love all animals. I love to camp out. I love to fly and have owned two planes. Hobbies include drag racing, leather work and restoring cars. I have college education. I have email but love to write letters. Does faithful, honest, loving, romantic and loyal mean anything to you? I do not play head games and no drama. I am a very e-z going person. Contact me if you want to know more and lets see where it can take us. I am looking for a person that just wants to be themselves. It is not about our past but he future we are making today. Let's see what we can build together.

About Me

Timothy Sampson
Name: Timothy Sampson
Sex: Male
DOB: 1964-06-13
Ethnicity: Native American
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 210
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
People I'm Willing to Write: Anyone
On Death Row: No
Crime for which incarcerated:
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Release Date: 2022-02-01

Write Me At:

Timothy Sampson #11428084
FCI Edgefield
PO Box 725
Edgefield SC 29824-0725 US Send E-Mail