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33 year old male in Tennessee Colony, TX

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This is my ad, is my intro just to let it be known I am interested in meeting new friends. Preferably women. I have no specific preference in the women, that I would like to meet. The only thing I do ask is be yourself. I DO NOT discriminate. You could be of any race, thick or thin. Your company is welcome. It is like this... if you allow yourself to set he time aside in dropping down a line or two, it is a guarantee I will write you back. For Real.

Even though, I reach out in hopes to find the one. I put most of my focus on my education. My goal is to achieve my G.E.D. The last testing I completed, it showed I must bring my scores up in mathematics. I have been making great effort day and night in studying just to make this possible. So you know already... All work and No play.

More about me. I am a triple C type of guy. Cool, Calm and Collected. I am the type of guy people like to have around, or hang out with. I am fun, loving and caring. When I am not in class or studying, I like to pass the time exercising, listening to music. I enjoy classic rock, hip hop and R&B (slow jams)

I am pretty much easy going. If you like what you have heard so far, Don't Be Shy, drop me a line or two. Be Cool!

About Me

Charlies Perez
Name: Charlies Perez
Sex: Male
DOB: 1984-05-08
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Height: 5 ft 9 in.
Weight: 215
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
People I'm Willing to Write: Anyone
On Death Row: No
Crime for which incarcerated:
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Release Date: 2020-01-01

Write Me At:

Charlies Perez #1530047
Mark Michaels Unit
2664 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony TX 75886 US Send E-Mail