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36 year old male in Glenville, WV

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To whomever is looking for a loyal, trustworthy, respectable friend, hello, my name is Irvin, but most who know me call me Ishmael. I am from Camden, New Jersey. I am 36 years young, 5’11” tall, weigh 175 pounds, and a Puerto Rican, Moroccan thoroughbred. I am looking for companionship and someone to share my mind with. I am down to earth, very funny, and I have many great qualities. Despite my current situation, I know that true beauty come from within and that looks can be deceiving if one’s heart isn’t right. We are all beautiful no matter what shape, form, color, or size we come in. I’ve made mistakes in life. No, I am not perfect, however, I don’t subscribe to the belief that our mistakes define who we are. So, whatever it takes, I plan to continue along this journey of growth and positive change, and if possible, I would like to have a like-minded friend to take this journey with me. Will you be that friend?

PS If you would allow me, I want to:

I want to make you laugh.
I want to know your hopes.
I want to know your fears.
I want to know your dreams.
I want to know you intimately.
I want to make unconditional love to your mind.
I want to be worth your time.

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Irvin Martinez Irvin Martinez

About Me

Irvin Martinez
Name: Irvin Martinez
Sex: Male
DOB: 1981-03-23
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Height: 5 ft 11 in.
Weight: 175
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
People I'm Willing to Write: Female
On Death Row: No
Crime for which incarcerated:
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Release Date: 2018-02-14

Write Me At:

Irvin Martinez #40405-050
FCI Gilmer
PO Box 6000
Glenville WV 26351 US Send E-Mail