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37 year old male in Pontiac, IL

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I grew up in a rural area in Northwestern corner of Illinois where I developed mechanical skills and learned the value of working hard. As a teenager, I became fond of classic cars. Therefore, I sought a degree in automotive technology which I did obtain. Furthermore, I received a degree in business management and I now await the opportunity to start my automotive shop.

When I became a father at the age of twenty-five, I accepted the responsibility which is required from a young man. Thus, I’ve finally accurately appreciated my relationships with my family and friends. Wherefore, I stated to enjoy a new aspect of life which was enjoying gatherings with family and socializing. I enjoyed playing with my son and the alone time that I had with my ex-wife like sitting under the stars at night and experiencing
the feeling that comes from being with your significant other. I enjoyed an occasional hike in the state park in my town and riding my ATV and motocross bike. All of which I now greatly miss.

I wonder if you are like me and have ever believed that your life would turn out one way but because of a bad decision that you made it turned out another.

My current environment is the result of my bad decision. However, I hope that you will not judge me for I am now based on that bad decision but will seek what is my heart.

About Me

Roy Eugene Hubbard
Name: Roy Eugene Hubbard
Sex: Male
DOB: 1980-02-03
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Height: 5 ft 10 in.
Weight: 190
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Sexual Orientation: Straight
People I'm Willing to Write: Female
On Death Row: No
Crime for which incarcerated:
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Release Date: 2043-04-04

Write Me At:

Roy Eugene Hubbard #K62694
Pontiac Correctional
PO Box 99
Pontiac IL 61764 US Send E-Mail