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Can I e-mail a prisoner on this site?
Some facilities allow e-mailing through secure Websites, which is getting more widespread daily. We do not offer this service at the current time. If you are interested in e-mailing your pen pal, contact them for more information.
Can Inmates receive or make phone calls?
Inmates can make phone calls; however, the phone numbers must be placed on a call list for the person. Most calls are set up as prepaid accounts or can be collected. Prices vary in each facility. The calls usually are limited to 10-15 minutes per call. For more information, contact the individual's facility.
I'm not 18 or older, can I still use your service and write an inmate?
No, our service is for those 18 years and older. It is not wise to write a member of our site if you are under 18, and it is not wise for our members to write anyone under 18.
Can pen pal members on this site receive gifts, stamps, etc.?
For most facilities, there are limitations. When writing your pen pal for the first time, include a letter only and ask the person for his/her specific rules for their facility. Pictures are usually acceptable (no Polaroid photos) as long as clothing covers obvious areas. Some places offer monthly or quarterly package programs, ordered and sent in by a specific vendor (e.g., Access Securepak,,, etc.). For more information, contact them directly. All facilities allow publications (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.) if shipped by the publisher or an authorized vendor. If you are interested in sending authorized publications, go to
Can I pay for a loved one’s ad?
Yes. You can sign up for your loved one right from our Sign Up Page or view our Printable Flyer.
How much does an ad cost?
For details, visit our Pricing Page.
How do you remove an ad?
We allow only the inmate in the ad the ability to request ad removal. The only way to do this is to have the inmate write a letter and mail it from prison. No electronic correspondence will be accepted for requesting ad removal. We will remove the ad immediately once we receive the inmate’s letter. We will send the inmate a confirmation letter making sure it was the inmate making the request.
Do I have to worry about scams when writing to your members?
Yes, you should always use caution when writing a pen pal. Some commonly known scams include:
  • Fake Pictures: If you have proof that a picture on our site is fake, please let us know. Profiles are removed from our site for using false information.
  • Old Pictures: Some pen pals only have pictures that are older -- we post their ages, but be aware that the pen pal may not look exactly as they appear in the photo we receive from them.
  • Understating Their Age: If you have proof that a member has lied about his/her age on our website, please inform us so that we may investigate the situation and remove the profile if necessary.
  • Lying to get Money: Some pen pals have been known to outright lie in order to get money sent to them. Use caution so that you are not taken advantage of. If you want to help, we suggest you only send small amounts (enough for stamps, stationery, and small luxuries like shampoo, sodas, deodorant, shoes, etc.)
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